You can determine the current position of the planets and stars by using a star chart. Just point your mobile camera lens in the direction you want to explore. The names of the planets, stars and constellations will appear you on the screen of your smart phone. For Android phones, we recommend the Sky map app from the Google store and for iPhone app Night Sky.

A luminous object in the sky, the brightest star in the sky

The brightest object in the night sky is usually the moon. Then the planets Jupiter, Saturn Venus. You can also easily discovery which planet it is by its colour.

The brick red planet is Jupiter with its moon. The largest of these is Ganymede (also Ganymede or Ganymede), which is also the largest moon in the Solar System (just ahead of Titan). Together with Io, Europa and Callisto, it is one of Galileo’s moons. It is larger than the planet Mercury, but is only about half its mass.

Jupiter and IO

SvětThe bright yellow dot in the night sky is the planet Saturn, around which its ring what can already be seen with a 70mm telescope. Around Saturn are many of its moons.

Saturn with ringsi

Venus is dirty white or beige, and sometimes can be seen with the naked eye as a crescent moon. Venus, visible in the morning sky, is popularly called the Morning Star. If Venus is visible in the evening, it is called Evening Star. But it is always the same planet.

Red – Red Mars 

Next come the stars. You can tell a star from a planet by its light. Planets shine steadily while the light of stars always slightly flickers. The flickering is caused by distance and the influence of the Earth’s atmosphere. So the brightest star in the sky is actually a planet.

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