How to take a great selfie? You need a decent portrait and you don’t have a photographer at hand – you can take one yourself. Selfies are great for the blog. So, fix your hair and powder your nose. Photos will always point out flaws that aren’t so obvious in person.

Choose a location with plenty of light

Remember – the less light, the worse the quality of the photo. Taking a selfie in an elevator will result in noise and graininess. Your mobile phone’s sensor is not a dedicated reporting device. Choose a location with plenty of light for quality photos. For example, by a window, outside, not in direct sunlight. After dark, stand as close to the lamp as possible, not in a dark corner.

Find a good background

The background should not be random. The camera on your phone has the property that it doesn’t blur the background, the background is always sharp. So make sure you don’t see any traffic signs, parking meters or cars behind you, a garbage can, a messy apartment, or anything growing out of your head.

Flat backgrounds are best, i.e. different kinds of walls. It can be a brick wall or a colorful mural, a white wall in a house or a hedge. A flat background will keep the composition under control. Walls, doors, murals or empty space, just something where nothing distracts from the main character.
Beware of walls in intense colours! Sometimes they cause color distortion in a photograph. White balance goes crazy and your face can be very blue or very pink in the photo. Check the display to make sure your skin is a normal, healthy shade.

A background that says something

A very interesting idea for a selfie is to take a picture of yourself against a meaningful background. For example, in London you take a photo in front of a tube stop, you’re in a brewery and you take a photo in front of its logo. Such photos are worth taking because they build your image, for example as a person who travels or is an expert in your field. An interesting background can say something about you in a flash.

Great, you’ve settled in a great spot and you’re in control of the background. Now look where the light is coming from and turn your head towards it. Photographing in good light helps smooth out wrinkles, avoid dark circles under the eyes and generally look radiant.

Selfies taken from above are already classics. This angle makes the eyes look bigger and the face look slimmer. But beware, not everyone looks good in these shots. Be careful if you have a big forehead (it will be even bigger) or a long nose (it will be even longer) Experiment by taking a photo from the front, test whether the left or right half of your face looks better in the photos.

Did you know you can process photos right on your phone? There are plenty of apps for that. I usually use VSCOcam and Snapseed. I like to enhance the best shot. I usually give more contrast and fix the white balance. I often add some yellow and pink because it makes the skin look healthier.
Taking pictures of yourself is a lot of fun and allows you to get to know your face better, which then comes in handy for professional shoots!