The golden hour is short time period in which the sun lies between 4 ° below and 6 ° above the horizon, so it actually starts before sunrise in the morning and lasts a little longer than the evening sunset.

Photo of Lubina river during the Golden hour

When is golden hour? To discover it you can use a mobile app, such as PhotoTime from the Google store or Golden Hour Times from the App Store. After entering the “golden hour” you can find other apps. These applications will also help you pinpoint the sunrise and sunset.

How to take pictures at the golden hour

At the golden hour, the sun’s rays pass through a larger layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. The gases and impurities in the atmosphere give the sun a fresh color. In addition, dust particles scatter sunlight. Scattered light in photos does not create contrasting sharp shadows. Sunlight at this time adds spatial depth to the scene. You can take the most beautiful morning photos in winter and spring – in winter the colorful sparkle of the sun in the crystals of hoarfrost, which melts with the rising sun later, in spring the fresh colors and everything in bloom. Summer and especially autumn add a golden color to photographs at this time.

When is blue hour

It is about an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset. If it is not cloudy, then the sky in the photos has a bluish tinge, which is more saturated in the direction where it will rise in a while, or where the sun has just set. When shooting at this time of day, it is good to increase the ISO sensitivity, otherwise it may happen that if a pedestrian passes through the shot, he will have blurred legs. Using a tripod is also a big advantage.

When is blue hour
Photos taken during the blue hour are usually taken with a low shutter speed, this is why moving objects can be blurry

Sunrise and sunset

Photos of the rising or setting sun are very popular. However, their result is very dependent on the weather and clouds and the technique of photography. If you want to try an experiment, set a larger aperture number, even 22. If the weather is good, the sun will be surrounded by diverging rays. It is good to prepare for photography at this time. Sunrise and sunset last only a few minutes and you don’t have to waste time setting up the camera, replacing the memory card or battery. Sunrise and sunset are part of the gold watch.

Reportage time

It is the period from about ten in the morning to three in the afternoon. It depends on the season and altitude. In these hours, you will rather take reportage photos. It’s not for any art. People have shadows in their eyes, at this time they prefer to take pictures of buildings or more wide-angle shots.

How to take pictures in backlight

It depends on the distance you are from the photographed object. If you are close, you can turn on the flash to help you illuminate the backlight. If you are further away, the shadows can be partially brightened by compensating the exposure. If you are far away, you can use the backlight to photograph silhouettes.

pictures in backlight