Portrait photography is one of the most difficult photographic disciplines. It requires not only great technical knowledge, but also the ability to work with the model to get the most out of him. These tips on how to shoot a portrait are very important and quite easy to apply even in amateur conditions.

Tips for portrait photography

1) Fill the frame. Beginners usually leave a lot of space above the model’s head, which is not necessary.

2) Use an external light source (not a flash). This is a light source that reflects in the subject’s eyes. This effect draws the viewer’s attention.

3) Focus on the lighting. This is fairly obvious, but should not be forgotten. Lighting is not only the lights in the studio, but also the sun and street lamps.

4) Pay attention to the field of view. The person being photographed does not need to look directly into the lens. It is important that the iris of the eye is more visible than the whites of the eyes.

5) Use sequential shooting. Shooting in continuous mode allows you to capture fleeting moments, facial expressions that you might miss.

6) Use props. A bouquet in your hand, various objects on the ground can bring an ambient feel to a portrait try experimenting with props.

7) Keep the poker player’s face. Even if the photo shoot is stressing you out, don’t let the sitter know it. Otherwise, your stress will be shared.

8) Use the eye chart technique. Tell the model to pretend she is looking at a chart with signs, as if she is taking an eye test at the doctor’s office. This trick will prevent the effect of looking like a frightened deer with eyes wide open.

9) Remember the model. Location and light are important, but don’t forget the person you’re photographing. You need to help the model relax and establish a rapport with you.

10) Use a preview. It’s a good idea to have a large monitor for previews during the shoot. This will give you an instant overview of how the shoot is going and what needs to be improved.

11) Play theater. Ask the model to play a role. It’s one of the easiest ways to help someone get out of their own head and look more free and natural in front of the camera.